Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spring Randomness

In honor of the royal wedding, D2's kindergarten class had a "Fancy Nancy" Day.  High tea was served and all the students were asked to really dress up.  All four of the kids had so much fun.

Speaking of being fancy, D3, got a new hat the other day.

She is a lucky, ducky.  I am taking her to California to visit my sister for a few days.  Her aunt is getting her master's degree, and we are going to the graduation.  I thought she needed this hat, so that the agents will come knocking on the door!  :) Ha

So glad to be leaving town, I can hardly wait to hit some warmer weather.  It is cold, and wet and not very "May" like here.

On a positive note, all the rain, sure has caused the trees to bloom.

This happened to be a rare occasion, a day with a blue sky.
I felt the urge to snap a picture so I can look at it and remind myself of the good weather that is going to one day find it's way here.

Some days, it really is the little things that make me happy!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thank a Teacher.....

It is teacher appreciation week and as a former educator who grew up in a home with a teacher, I can't stress enough the importance of this week!  If you know a teacher thank them.

Our PTO gave our teachers these yummy treats to start the week out.

We also redecorated the teachers lounge.  Using our budget wisely, we were able to buy 2 new chairs, and frame about 6 pieces of art work to spruce up the place.

We have a full week of awesome treats, gifts and surprises for them.

 "A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others. "
-- Author Unknown

By weeks end they will have been treated to coffee and donuts, a spaghetti lunch, given $20 each to buy books for their classrooms. And most importantly, each and every person who works in our building will also receive some type of raffle gift valued at $5 all the way up to $50; and a chocolate candy bar that has one special golden ticket with a chance to win a flat screen 32" LCD TV!

YAH it's staff/teacher appreciation week and that is how we roll!

Oh and we love our bus drivers too.

I work very hard as president of the PTO, this is my favorite week of the school year.  It is so much fun to give back to all the staff and teachers.  They are the heart and soul of our school and Thank You just doesn't seem like enough.  

"A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops."
-- Henry Brooks Adams

Now go thank a teacher (and a solider!)