Monday, January 31, 2011

Another month come and gone.

This house of five has been in serious hibrnation lately.  Between sickness and snow we haven't done much of anything.  After our mini trip to visit Wes and Sam somone has been sick.  Sometimes it is multiply people other times it just spreads and one after the other we all get sick again.  As a matter of fact little G is heading back to the doctor in a few short hours to have this cough checked out again.  Since Jan 1st, 4 out 5 of us have been on a z-pac.  Unfortuntaly I was one of the 4 this year.  I haven't been this sick in over 3 years.  That's what my chart at the doctors office said.  I feel better, but I'm probably only at 90% my life is to busy and hetic to allow a full recovery, so my guess is the cough is here to stay until I see the warm Florida sun in April. 

They are predicition a major snow storm warning.  The warning is going into effect tonight while we sleep. 18 inches.  It will look pretty and cover all the yucky dirty brown snow we've been stairing at recently.  But we sure don't need another 18 inches!  I guess the snow isn't so bad if the temp is in the high 30's with sun.  But man January was cold.  There were some days we never hit double digits. 

Here is the one highlight of the month, I will share.  Right after this weekend, is when I got sick, then Gabby, then Gia then Bella.

..... 1 day .... 2 hours .... 200 laps!  

Gabby swimming 200 laps in 1 hr 46 minutes !  So proud of her.  That is over 3 miles.  Last year she completed 179 laps in 2 hours.  So what a difference a year makes.  She raised $145 for the team.

Here is Bella completing lap number 124, with Ashley a jr. high swimmer, who was sweet enough to swim some laps to encourage Bella to keep going.  This little 6 year old fish completed a grand total of 126 laps which is about 10 laps shy of 2 miles.  So proud of her.  This was her 1st year in the swim-a-thon, she also raised $145.

Here is my favorite picture from the day.  Gia cheering her sister on! 
As the minutes clicked away, little G kept delayering. 

At the end of the 2 hours she was barefoot, pants rolled to the knees, wet butt and all smiles. 

Love my girls ...  they make me soooo proud!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazy, Cold Day make me ramble on and on

When I look out my front door this is what I see today.


No sunny skies here!

When I woke up this morning, there was brown grass and clear driveways. 

It is still snowing as I type, making me want to stay in and be lazy an unproductive.  Yet the housewife jobs don't really allow to much laziness.  3 loads of laundry need to be folded and the refrigerator needs to be reorganized.  Did you know there is a TV show called extreme couponing?  It was extreme beyond extreme.  Those people are nuts!  I like a deal and all, but that is insane.  Which reminds me why my fridge needs to be reorganized.  I went to the store this morning and stocked up.  It is all I've really done today.  While I shopped the sales, I keep thinking sure wish I had a coupon for this item.  All in all just shopping in store ads, I saved $47.  Not to shabby for just cereal,and after school snacks.

I have looked at the driveway 3 times now and I just keep telling myself it needs to be shoveled before the hubby gets home from work.  I say this not because he expects it to be done, but because I hate to shovel once there are tire marks.  Shoveling goes much faster and without much effort before the warm tires melt and pack it down into the driveway. 

Meet Cooper...

The biggest black lab you'll ever meet...

He is sitting in his favorite chair, it is to the left of me while I type.  Crazy dog, he situated this pillow all by himself.  He is sleeping now, enjoying this lazy day himself. 

Well, I have rambled enough for the day, this is why I do not blog daily.  And honestly that driveway isn't going to shovel it's self. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Vacation Overview

Happy New Year!

It is hard to believe another year has come and gone.  Routine starts again come Monday morning when school starts back up.  The weather has been crazy weird here.  One day snowing and freezing the next sunny and raining.  Today it is 50 degrees.  The sun is shining ever so bright.  All the snow has melted and it feels like spring.  I hope that this is small preview of what is to come, but I think we have barely begun winter so I will take today for what it is, a gift. 

Below are four of my favorite picture moments from the last two weeks.

Christmas morning and the girls just opened the card that had the money that was told to buy airline tickets for April.  If mommy does her homework it is enough money per kid to maybe squeeze two separate trips.

The day after Christmas, we drove 3 hours south to visit more family.  We spent two nights and three days.  Sledding was just one of the many things we did on this trip.   It was cold this day.  Probably 18 degrees and with the windchill it felt like 9. 

We also found time to take the girls to a Children's Museum for the day.  It was so much fun.  They had an exhibit on Barbie.  The three of them spent close to two hours doing hand on activities. 

Barbie was certainly the high light of the trip.  Next month Bob the Builder comes to town, so We bought a family pass to go back for free.  For only $45 more dollars we can go back unlimited times.  Even though it is a 3 hour drive we have a condo to stay in when we go down to visit the girls, cousin and Uncle. 

Here's to hoping 2011 is filled with Peace, Love, Joy, Happiness and Health! 

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