Tuesday, September 21, 2010

It was bound to happen.

At some point every mother must send the youngest kid off to their 1st day of school.

Today was my day.  My little monkey is finally a preschooler.  I have been eagerly waiting for this day to occur.

Our new Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning routine now includes getting Gia dressed and feed before we  walk the big kids to the bus stop.   

Then we jump straight into the car, for the ten minute drive to school.

She was beaming ear to ear.  So excited and proud to have a bag and her own school.

How could you not be excited to go to a classroom filled with frogs.

and a wonderful teacher....

One final wave to mom....

 So, let me ask this.  How is it that I am tearing up?  I have been waiting for 2 years to have a little free time, a chance to shower or shop or exercise....alone!   But now that it is really here, I am not sure whether I am overjoyed, by this milestone or a little depressed. 

I guess I will ponder over this milestone a little later because it is back to reality, for me.  Anyway you spin it,there is no free time for me today.  I am off to spend my first 2 hours of complete free time in 9 years taking Gabby to the ortho! 

That's what I call bad planning!

Here is what I discover after 2hours...
I missed my sidekick, but she didn't miss me.
Two hours isn't all it cracked up to be.

My favorite part of the day, was being greeted with ....

 nothing but smiles.

It was a great day....

Monday, September 13, 2010

How can it be the middle of September already? The days are flying by, no seriously they are. I thought once school started up I would have more "free" time. What I didn't realize is how over committed I am. I volunteer way to much! Recently a mom/friend of mine said she was going to slow-down a tad and focus on just being a stay at home mom. Is there such a thing? Isn't this what stay at home moms do? Volunteer that is....Well anyway. The school fall open house has been set, planned and covered, mostly by me! I am tired, tomorrow is the big event, maybe then I can start crossing off things off my own to do list, instead of the schools.

Here is what I have done in the last month...
Sent Gia to preschool.
Celebrated Bella's 6th birthday.
Lost my wedding ring!
Painted a bathroom.
Painted a Family Room.
Started a bathroom renovation project.
Reorganized the garage.
Cleaned out 2 of 3 kids closets.
Steamed cleaned the hallway rugs.
Soccer games 2 week.

Here is still what needs done.....
Sew the family room curtains.
Make a bench cover.
Touch up paint.
Take clothes to Goodwill.
Clean the hall closet out and get winter gear ready to go.
Rake, rake, rake
Taxi the kids to swim practice.
Organized all the computer pictures

Vacation needed....for sure

Florida is starting to sound good, now if I can find a free week to go!

Someday I will get some pictures posted, but for now D3 wants a Popsicle, which is code for you done on the computer yet!!!