Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gia and the dentist

My little peanut is growing up. On one hand it is so fun to watch her grown and learn and on the other it is so sad that time is just flying bye.

Last week she got to be a patient at the dentist. She has been very excited to meet Dr. Judd.  We have been talking about this day for a good month!

D1 and D2 went first and then it was D3 turn.  Karen the hygienist has been cleaning my teeth since I was 18.    She was so good with Gia.  She showed her all the tools and tried them out on her hands first.

Gia was more scared of the chair then any tool or noise that happened.

Her little tongue was all over the place.  It was so funny to watch it checking all the tools out that we being put into her mouth.  D1 and I were getting a good laugh over it.  D2 was snapping pictures.  She has become quite the i phone photographer!

She was such a great little patient.

No tears!

And even better, a clean report!  NO Cavities!

Yes my baby is growing up and I am not so sure whether I should laugh or cry about this.

For the time being I'll choose laugher!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Daylight Savings.....

So have you even wondered what exactly daylight savings did to the Midwest?  Here is a perfectly good example....

Yes I know it is a picture of a train, but you will never guess what time of day it is.

I dare you to try.

Come on take a guess.....

9:30pm!   Hard to believe, isn't it?

It never gets dark here!  I love it, but gosh it is tiring!  I am lacking some serious sleep these days. 

So your next question maybe what are we doing waiting for a train at 9:30 pm?

Simple, We were on our way to see these.....

But first it had to get dark enough.  It was a hot day, that's for sure.  90 degrees, so we swam all afternoon and evening.  Finally at 9pm we decided to get out of the pool and load the kids to go see some fireworks.  After a 10 minute drive and a 20 minute walk we ended up at our destination on the 9th hole at Black Squirrel Golf Course.  Hubby's parents saved us some front row seats right by the cart path.  There was music, prayer and lots of fireworks!  Great Grandma even came out for the show. 

Here it is at 10:15pm, almost dark enough to light the sky. 

The 20 minutes firework show is suppose to start at 10:20 pm right after the singing of the National Anthem. 
A local baptist chruch and some private investors put together this freedom fest every year.  It is quite the display.  Local bands and choirs play music most of the late after noon.  Then after the longest star spangle banner (5minutes and 25 seconds to be exact) the sky exploded into this....

and this.....

It was magical and exactly perfect! 

All the right ingredients to make the 4th of July so much fun! 

To bad the traffic is so bad it takes an hour and 30 minutes to make it home.  By midnight everyone was snug as bug in the beds!

God Bless all you soldiers and veterans, you have made this day possible.  

Friday, July 2, 2010

A day at the lake...

The weather has been absolutely beautiful this summer.  Lots of rain, but all in the evening, making playtime during the day so much fun. 

We are very lucky and were invited to spend a day on Long Lake, with a bunch of teachers from the girls elementary school.  Gabby's former Kindergarten teacher lives on the lake full time and invited a crew of kids and teachers up for the day.  (We are keeping our fingers crossed that Bella gets to be in her classroom this coming fall! )

Both girls got to go for a little cruise around the lake on the wave runner.  #2 was in the front, kindergarten teacher in the middle and #1 on the back.

#3 maned the food and cooler.

After lunch a boat ride around the lake.

#2 and her future teacher.  Isn't her teacher the cutest?  So tiny and petite. The perfect size to work with kindergartners.

Another perfect summer day with friends, family and memories for the scrapbook. 

Happy 4th of July....