Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mom's night 2010

Last night D2 preschool had it annual Mom's night. You may remember this post from last year.  We usually each paint a mug.  I had figured by time all 3 kids were done I was going to have quite the mug collect probably 16 total.  This year the school changed things up a bit.  I think because of mom's like me, not wanting this many mugs.  This year they had us paint a bowl together.  We started by having a nice warm bowl of apple crisp topped with ice cream.

Then we started with our blank slate.

We tired to work together.  Bella picked the outside color and I pick the inside.

Painting pottery is one of my favorite things to do.  Bella did all the first and third coats, I did the second and the smoothing out.  It seemed to work for us.  She pick out the design and I tried to help execute her plan out.

Here the artist is waiting nicely for more paint to be brought to the table.

The final project from the outside looked like this....

And here is a view of the final from the inside......

Off to the kiln they go.  We will probably get them on Preschool Graduation night.  I'll post the final bowl pictures then. 

Thanks for swing by.  Lot's of up and coming events are about to be happening in the months of May and June.  See you soon!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Do you . . .

Hulu??? It might be my favorite new time sucker! has literally become my new best friend. Yes, forget tv, I just hulu, Almost every night. I don't even watch my dvr anymore either.

So do you hulu? If so what are you watching?

I just finished watching Lipstick Jungle.  I am so upset that show was canceled. I think I will probably start watching 24 next. 

My two favorites currently are a show called Parenthood and Lost. I use to hate Lost, mainly because I couldn't stand waiting each week and I found it very confusing. Thanks to Hulu, I can watch several in a row almost commercial free.  One 15 second commercial every 15 minutes isn't to bad and my favorite part is the discussion board.  I have found that so helpful when it comes to watching Lost.  So many people have opinions on what they think is happening and what they think will happen. 

Now in a perfect world, I would get an IPad and I could hulu in bed every night.  That would truly be love. 

I am on a mission to steam clean my house.  Maybe it is because it is spring time and I feel the need to do some spring cleaning.  I am looking for a steam cleaner to really get the job done.  Does anyone have a favorite that they use?  I am thinking about purchasing a Haan Deluxe.  Since there is no cleaning lady in my future anytime soon, I am hoping a nice steamer will help cut my time in half and make my house/windows shine. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Vacation 2010

It is that time of year again....
     Yes you guessed it.....
           Spring Break 2010!

The one thing you can always count on each and every year is that the first full week of April the House of Five on Cambridge Drive heads south.  Real south.  Sunny Southwest Florida.  This year was odd, because the Midwest had such a horrible dreadful winter and yet spring sprung real earlier.  Most years when we leave for this trip there is usually at least 2 inches of snow.  Not this year.  When we left for the airport we left in flip flops.  As a matter of fact we had been out and about playing for a good 2 weeks in March. The first two days of the trip Florida was colder than home!  For what the locals say it was that way all winter.

So here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip with some added commentary.


Day 1 was a traveling day.  We flew out of town at 6pm, landed at 9:45pm, and drove to a friends house for the nice.  Day 2 was a little cool, but so sunny....The kids went nuts at this shooting water fountain.

Little Miss Gia Pia had a lot of first on this trip.  1st time flying without a diaper, first time sleeping in a bed without bed rails.  First time swimming without floaties. The list goes on and on!  The poor turkey was so tired she would sleep about anywhere and everywhere, but her favorite spot was always on her daddy's lap.

Bella, Wella...our newest swimmer.... this girl learned she is ready to try out for swim team!

Gia and her floaty free moment.  Chin down, but up and we are good to go. 

One of the few pictures of me...  :)

Beach Day....

The boggy board girl.  She lost her pants trying to boggy board so many times I lost count!  She also caught a wave in one time and was high on life for days afterwards.

Sandcastle builders of the future...

Boating Day...

Perfect sea day.  No wind, not to hot and partly sunny.

By far the neatest part of the trip.  The dolphins were all over on this sea day.  This little guy followed our boat for a good 10 minutes.  He got so close at one time we could have touched him if we wanted to.

Ahhh nothing beats any icy cold Root beer! 

Another year of nothing but wonderful family memories! 

See you in July, Florida....we miss you already!

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