Monday, February 22, 2010

Heat Wave. . . .

Dear Mr. Sunshine,
Thank you for showing us your face for 2 straight days.

It was so nice to see you. You made everything appear much warmer than it actually was. You presence made it seem so much warmer than.....

The kids had so much fun seeing you.

We hope to see you soon.

One question though, why oh why must you friend Mr. Cloud come and ruin everything? First he brings rain and now snow. Shhh, don't tell Mr. Cloud, but we don't like him.

Mr. Sunshine, please come back and visit soon, and this time feel free to stay a few days longer.

Friday, February 19, 2010

What If. . . . . . .

Today’s entry is going to be a little on the heavy, pull on your heart strings; ponder about your life entry. I have been kicking this around in my head since December, and I have finally decided that maybe if I wrote about it, it would help de-clutter my brain and since 2010 is all about re-organizing and de-cluttering I think it is time for me to get this down on paper.

I am not going to go into details about the events that preceded this, because that really isn’t my story to tell, but I will say that my neighbors have been put through the emotional ringer since early November of 2009. They as a family will never quite be the same even though the loss their family took wasn’t a direct household loss; it will forever affect their family dynamics. This loss is something that makes me think of them each and every time I drive past their home, which then consumes my own thoughts about my family and what my wishes would be if I were in their shoes.

I am no longer going to make people wonder what I would want done, I am going to make my wishes clear right here on my blog for anyone to see, so that God forbid something were to happen to me, others are not wondering what I would have wanted or angry at my hubby for actions that he may or may not do.

Deep, I know. So you may want to run and hide under the covers for this post, because it will be long and brutal and real. Honestly I think about this so much that it consumes my thoughts, so I am going to do my best to try to clear my brain with the hope that by doing so it will then take a weight of my shoulders and help give me some sigh of relief that my wishes are out and in the open.

Here they are……
First and most importantly, I have given up a teaching career and within the last three years a teaching license so that my three children could be raised by me and not a daycare. I have been at home raising my children for 8 years. Now I know that anyone who reads this and works or reads this and worked while their children were my children's age may take offense to this, but honestly I don’t care. Stay at home moms vs working mothers is an entire other blog for someone else to debate. This is about my wishes and the path that I have tried to clear for my family, so keep that in mind as I continue. My wish would be for my children to never step foot in a daycare. I have accomplished this so far, but my baby still has 2 maybe 3 more years till kindergarten, and I would be very heartbroken if she were to have to step foot at a daycare.

Secondly, I wish that even if I were to have to go back to work when all of my children are in school, I wish for a job that allows me the freedom to put them on the bus in the morning and be home when they get off it in the afternoon. Someone has to drive them to and from practices and activities and I want to be able to have that luxury for myself and them because that is when they talk to you and tell you what is really going on in their life. Despite the daily temper tantrums after school over food and homework, I want to be here for them when they step off that bus.

Next, the Mr. and I purposely came back to the city and state that we were raised in for a reason. That being we wanted our children to be raised in an environment where grandparents could be an everyday part of their lives, if the grandparents wanted it that way. I would be devastated if for some reason they had to be moved away or were more than a 2 hour drive away from those people; so never, never move my kids away for their support system. Support systems may move because I am in no way attached to the area I live, it is more my love for the people I live around that I love, so Kiki, mom and dad can move closer to you so you do not have to move back to the dreadful climate of the Midwest, however, you cannot stay in movie-land, you’ve got to move to a more kid friendly city. Or the deal is off.

My wish would be for Jared to raise them as a single father, but I would want them to have some type of mother figure that is not a grandmother to actively help them. ( IE…make-up, haircuts, clothes shopping) so I would be ok with Jared remarrying as long as she was not a money hungry B….

If something were to happen to the both of us, I would want my sister to raise them, not hubby’s brother. However, I would never want them to grow up in LA LA Land, so she would have to move back home or I would find someone else to raise my children. Even though my brother –in-law is a father, and lives in the same state as I do, my wish would be that he not be the one to raise my children. If my sister were to not want to move back to the area, I am ok with that, but then I would want my children to be raised by one of two families. (Those families know who you are, so if you’re reading this and think gosh I hope it is not me, it probably isn’t, so you’re off the hook)

I think lastly, I want people to know that, I think flowers are a huge waste of money. A few would be fine to make the viewing colorful, but I am so much more a plant or contribute to a fund type girl. The flowers are beautiful and all, but in a few short days they will just be in the trash and a lot of money will have been wasted. Cremation is fine by me, save the money because no one ever visits grave-sites anymore. I just want to make sure that any organs that can be donated are used.

Ok, I feel better, like a little weight has been lifted. I know that ultimately it doesn’t matter what anyone does because I will be long gone and removed for the situation, but I feel better at least saying what I would want to be done, because, grieving family members sometimes makes rash decisions out of raw emotion because they just hurt too much to think it through.

4hawkeyes, the houseoffiveoncambridgedrive wants you to know; we love you and pray for you daily. That olive branch is always available all you have to do is reach to touch it.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Still snowing

Is the winter ever going to end?  My lower back is so ready to be done shoveling!  At least it is all white and pretty to look at.  Feburary is usually my least favorite month.  For being the shortest, it is almost always packed to the brim and feels like the longest month.  Generally February is filled with dirty, brown, slushy snow.  The kind that just makes you want to stay in the house all day long because you don't want the hem on your pants to get wet and dirty. 

This is not the case this year.  The snow just keeps coming and coming.  We are starting to gear up for our yearly trip to Florida, but it isn't truly paradise there this year either.  70 degrees is nice and way better than 20, but when I go to Florida I am going because I want 85 or 90 degrees not 70.  6 weeks and counting.  It is right around the corner.  Hopefully it will be nice and warm come April 1st. 

Ms. Bee, these pictures are for always have these lovely, sunny paradise looking photos.  So today I am going to show you what my paradise looks like......

Here is the view out my front door.  BRRRRRR........ (and no I have not yet shoved for the morning.  I have decided to have a cup of coffee before I venture out to do that project.)

Here is the view out the back door.  No I am not a nice doggy mom, I do not shovel the snow off the deck for my doggy.  And for the record, he doesn't have to lift his leg to pee, because well the snow is just that high.  Need I say more?

Here is the mound of snow in the cul-de-sac on our road.  The kids are having a blast on this.  Well that is on the days it is actually warm enough to go outside and play.  Yesterday, they played, and they played hard.  I wish I would have braved the climate to take pictures, but instead I enjoy the view from my window. 

This is the parking lot at Bella's Pre-school.  The mound is higher than my car.  I was sitting in the car waiting in line to drop the kids off  when I took this.  They are starting to run out of room to clear the parking lot. 

Gee, I just love winter!   Do you hear the sarcasm in that statement?
Yea that's what I thought!  It was suppose to be dripping with it!

Ms. Bee I do believe I prefer your paradise over mine (at least Nov-March)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

M. I. A.

So I am alive, yes I have been missing in action, but something had to give in my life for a few weeks an it unfortunately had to be blogging.  What started out as a simple computer problem turned into a major virus that wiped out Windows on my computer. I am happy to report that the computer is back at home and running better than ever, but not without a few minor surgeries and a few new programs.  Some lessons must always be learned the hard way. :(  At least they were able to recover my pictures (all 8,000) of them and my iTunes.  The rest, well lets just say we now have an external hard drive and I will begin adding weekly backup to my new routines.  

Old man winter sure is putting up a good, long fight this year.  Still cold, still snowing......the kids and I have been home with no school since last Thursday.  It has been nice to have a little break from school and routine, but I am tired of being stuck in this house. As I was driving Gabby to swim practice tonight, I noticed it was after 6pm and it was still light out.  Man oh man did this put a smile on my face!  Spring is right around the corner. Ahhh my favorite season of the year.  Spring Vacation is about 45 days away.....oh Florida gear up, we are so ready to steal your sunshine, eat your fruit and run our feet in your sandy beaches.