Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have been reading a blog named What I Should Have Said, written by a administrator named Beth. As a former teacher I love her blog. It sometimes makes me think I wish I would have stayed a teacher. I love what I do now which to me is harder and more important than teaching. In all honesty it is still teaching the only difference is they are my own flesh and blood instead of someone else's. Beth recently wrote a post in which she contemplated stopping her blog in fear of being found out. She wrote about how much she loves writing and uses it as a way to keep her sanity from the stress and craziness of her job. Anyway she got me thinking that maybe I was showing/telling to much about myself to just plain anyone and their brother. I have decided what if there are nut jobs out there stalking, I have chosen to change a few minor things because of this. Some are truly so small I not sure you will even notice, but the one big change that I want to make you aware of is my profile name. Instead of using my first name, I have decided to go by sun lover. This makes me feel as if I have at least attempted to not give the loonies such an easy way to my name. I still plan on posting pictures of the family and all, but I want to keep our family a little more protected. I am telling you this because in the past I have left posts on many of your pages and I want you to realize my profile picture and user name have changed. So from here on out I will either post as house of five or sun lover but fear not, it is still the same quirky person as before leaving her famous and often one lined zinger comments.

If you haven't checked Beth's blog out and you are and educator, a former teacher or just plain someone who wants a behind the scenes look at how difficult teaching/administrating is, then drop in on her. (look on the right hand side of my blog for her link) She has an real life take on just how hard that job is. It makes me remember all the things I hated about my former career (IE...parents). If you think your principal or teacher is doing a great job, maybe you should thank them. FYI teacher/administrator appreciation week starts May 4 this would be a super time to drop your favorite ones (past or present) a quick line or two of thanks. I know this because I am co-chairing this event at our elementary school this year.

Since I seem to be on a soap box about this topic...If you want to make a difference in your child's school trying starting with the PTO or PTA. It is a great way to show your support to your school system, teachers, administrators and most importantly your children. (This all coming from the new PTO President herself me)

Check back soon because I am feeling the need to pull a Beth and rat some parents out from my former coaching days.

Enjoy the outstanding spring truly is a great time of year to live in the Midwest!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Break Round 2

I have been attempting to learn the picture program Picasa. I suck at it. I must just not be very computer savvy anymore because I see all these cool things that others do with there blogs and well frankly mine suck. Here is my attempt to picture collage the rest of my spring break trip. I has taken me about 20 tries and I still am not happy with the end result, but oh well I am tired of trying and ready to move on to bigger and better projects. Enjoy what you can see...

Oh and if anyone has any advice on better ways to load pictures or do fun exciting things, please, please, please help me.


Florida Fun....


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Monday, April 20, 2009

Fox Trail Stables

Today is was 50 degrees cold, wet and rainy. Saturday it was sunny and warm. I guess this is what makes it spring in Indiana. The reason the wet, rainy weather upset me today was because Bella had yet another field trip. We were suppose to ride horses and take hayrides, but it was just to cold and wet, so on to plan "B". We were moved inside to the horse stables for activities that were more suited for more indoor activities. The kids still had a great time, but it was just so cold and muddy. Enjoy the mobile downloads from today.

The look on Bella's face was priceless...ok mom if you insist I will get this close to the horses head but I don't really want to.

Brushing the horses hair. Mental note to self, we need to get this type of hairbrush for our dog Cooper. It was amazing for hair and debris removal.

Bella and the horse named "Popcorn".

Despite the crummy weather a good time was had by all. We ended our morning with a visit to daddy's work , where we deposited some money into our bank account and went out for lunch.

Come back tomorrow for more mobile uploads from Florida.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

pictures from the sunny south

Before I begin, I have to add that these pictures are from my iphone. 2 days ago I discovered that you could email pictures from your iphone straight into your blog. I can't tell how happy this made me. I kept thinking how easy this was going to make my life. Well after 2 days of trying I didn't know what to do. Test after test and all I would get is text with no pictures. I almost quit trying. Then I discovered that yahoo mail and the iphone are not compatible when it comes to transferring pictures. So after one more day I figured out that if you use gmail with the iphone your picture will transfer. The pictures below are from my first 4 tests. Not that I have figured things out watch out world the pictures are going to just start flying of the self. Enjoy!

Just a few of my favorite pictures from our vacation.

Gia having a drink by the pool. I laugh every time I see this picture of her, because I swear the cup is bigger than her head!

Easter Dinner on the beach. It was 91 degrees that day. Chinese, and sub sandwiches for the kids. Now that is what I call an Easter Meal.

The farthest point North on Bonita Beach. It is where the beach end. If you swim across the opening you reach Ft. Myers Beach. I love this picture and it may end of being our Christmas Card Next Year, so don't be surprised if you see it again.

Jared and his girls. It was chilly that day...60 thus the sweatshirts :) They are in search of the perfect she shells as Bella would say.

Quote for the day: "No one is perfect...that's why pencils have erasers."

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning

For some really dumb reason I decided to clean my kitchen today. Not your typical wipe the counter down, sweep the floor cleaning, but the scrub on your hands and knees, empty all the drawers out kind of cleaning. Holy crap what was I thinking? After 4 hours I had to quit only to take a step out of the room to reenter and discover it looks 200x's worse now than when I started.

Unable to cook dinner because of the mess and lack of food I was forced to call in a pizza. Can you believe that I was actually foolish enough to asking my hubby what he thought of the changes I made? You guessed it, he had the gull to say what changes? Mind you, I moved the toaster, coffee maker, hung a picture, move the paper towel dispenser and change the recycling place. Apparently his glasses could use a good spring cleaning!!! What are the odds that come morning he be looking for the toaster I hid and the coffee maker?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm back...

Hello fellow blogger's! I am back from a 2 week vacation! Well let's call it a Spring Break instead of a vacation because vacation would lead one to believe that no cooking, cleaning, and laundry were done, at that most definitively was not the case.

So this brings me to my question of why does it always feel like you need a vacation after a vacation? Does anyone else think this or am I just crazy? Here is just an example of why I am not feeling all to relaxed and ready to jump back into life....

1. My day started behind the 8 ball before my feet hit the floor this morning. Here is a problem that most people might not consider while on vacation. My parents own the condo my family and I stay at. Therefore on the day you leave a little cleaning must be done before you can actually leave. AKA cleaning the fridge, pantry and washing the sheets and towels. When you rent or stay in a hotel you pretty much leave when you want to leave. So staying up until 1 am to read my book might not been such a great idea.

2. Getting 3 children off to the airport two hours before your flight time and trying to clean the condo is not very easy. You put something away, they find something new to take out.

3. I not going to even try to say we eat 3 healthy meals today...breakfast was in the car (donuts from the gas station while filling the gas tank up to return the rental car) lunch was, ummmm on the 2 1/2 hour plane ride and constituted of chips, pretzels, water and candy. Snack time was during the 1 hour lay over waiting to board plane #2. Dinner was in the car and was chicken from a fast food place. Yeah I would say not a great food day for the Sponseller Family!

4. Upon arriving at Cambridge Dr. the discover of no food in the fridge for tomorrow breakfast, lunch or dinner has now hit me. I work tomorrow and have preschool carpool. Not sure when the food shopping is going to happen yet, but some how it will get done.

5. Getting Gabby's bag pack for school tomorrow has now made me realize, she needs lunch money and she has not yet completed her writing assignment. How is this possible? We have been gone for 14 days and she can't find the time to finish it????

See what I mean...I need a vacation from my vacation....This is not even mentioning all of the crying Ms. Bella did today! Yikes it tried my patience. A week away from her would do me and my liver some good!

All and all, it was a great time. How can you not love Florida? The sun, sand and air are good for the soul! Now that I am back to the freezing Midwest I can hardly wait for the warm weather to stay.

Come back soon. I will load some pictures and videos of all that family fun!

It is good to be back, even thought I am freezing my tan butt off!