Tuesday, March 31, 2009

T minus ....

It has arrived. Finally Spring Break! I feel like half my life has been spent waiting for something to arrive. It seems as if my whole life I could hardly wait to be older. First it was I wanted to be 12 so I could babysit. Then 16 to drive. 21 to legally drink, 25 for my insurance rates on cars to go down. Than in the blink of an eye...I was 34. Married for almost 12years, mother of 3 children. Where has the time gone? I am not sure how it happened, but it did. Time has seemed to fly by. Yikes, all of a sudden I have found that my life has arrived. The days turn to months and months into years. Wow I have spent a lot of time waiting. I now want to freeze frame my life. 35 is approaching fast and I am starting to realize that all that wishing for was a real time sucker. Maybe I should start focusing on the present.

For 50 some days I have been watching the days and hours click away on my countdown to vacation timer on this blog. Today I just realized those minutes and seconds are now part of my past. Gosh, I think I may have taken my past for granite. Perhaps I have not been cherishing my life moments to the fullest. My vacation is here, but it will be gone all to fast. Life will go back to routines, I will find something new in my life to countdown. Never learning that I take my past for granite. I guess this is who I am. I am a future looker. I look forward to the future, live in the past and take the present for granite.

Oh well, I am what I am. That is one thing I have learned in my 30's...so pass me a drink dammit, I am heading South Baby!

Live...Laugh...Learn...See you in 14 days!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


You know you live in Indiana...

~when we are currently having a thunderstorm, but are expected to have 2 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon.

~when it is 65 degrees and sunny at 4pm and at 4am in is only 25degrees.

~when the potholes on the road are bigger than the road itself.

~when all the neighborhood kids think that 60 degrees means tank tops, shorts and bare feet.

~because 50% of the population will be heading to Flordia in one week.

T-3 days and counting, I can smell the suntan lotion already!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Girls Night Out...

I live on the greatest road in America. Really I do. I am surrounded by the most wonderful women ever. Tonight I went out with two of my favorites neighbors. Not that we needed a reason to celebrate ,but tonight we went in honor of Jennifer's 36th b-day.

What an awesome evening. There is something so wonderful about sitting around with good people, and cold drinks. We could have talked all night. At 1 am we realized we should head home because somebody has to get the kids off for school in a few short hours. 7:30 is going to roll around way to soon, but it was fun while it lasted.

Friends are gifts from God...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Bella & her fieldtrip

One of my favorite things to do as a stay at home mom, is go on field trips with my children. Yesterday #2 and I went to Cici's Pizza. What a fun 2 hours. James the owner let us in 1 hour before opening to give the kids a tour. He was great with those 4 year olds. James managed to give the history behind Cici's Pizza and teach the kids about owning and operating 3 restaurants. The kids learned about phone lines, computers & cash registers. He let each kid hold a huge wade of cash as well as touch a big ball of pizza dough. They even got to walk into the walk in freezer and refrigerator. He used the TV show Sponge Bob Square Pants to reference almost all of his stories. The kids loved this. At the end of the tour, we all stayed and ate from the pizza buffet while James quizzed the kids on questions he had asked earlier. Bella left with a prize, a full tummy and array of knowledge about the Pizza Business.

He is a recap of what Bella learned:
*there are 650 CiCi's Pizza's in the USA
*James owns 3 of them
*it takes 5 minutes to cook 1 pizza
*the dishwashers can clean plates, silverware and cups in 2 minutes flat
*CiCi is named after two men who both had C's in their names
*the 1st restaurant opened in Texas

Don't you just feel smarter from reading that?

When we first arrived Bella insisted of snapping some photos of me. I of course did not want these posted, but when she glanced over at the computer today and noticed what I was doing, she wanted to know where there pictures that she took were. So to humor my 4yr old I am posting my favorite one.

Bloom where your planted...

Monday, March 23, 2009

spring break...

Spring Break might possiblly my favorite time of the year. It is the best! I am one of the lucky ones who travels each and every April to Florida. I haven't missed a spring break since the 80's. My children have never gone with out a trip. They think every family does this. They look forward to this as much as I do. They even have friends that they only see for 2 weeks a year. Can't wait to see how big Mina and Sophia are this year!

Yes we are spoiled and lucky, I know. We are fortunate enough to have a mom & dad that own a condo, making this yearly trip possible. This is priceless...we love you mom & dad!!!

So in honor of my upcoming vacation to Florida for spring break I am going to do a list of why I love Bonita Springs and leaving E-town so much:

1. The daily temperature is warmer than 35 degrees! Usually 75, but I didn't want to rub it in to those of you stranded in the Midwest.

2. Daily dose of vitamin D is easy to get. Maybe to easy. SPF 50 for the kids.

3. No laundry for 14 days! OK, not entirely true, but washing shorts, tanks and swimsuits are a piece of cake compared to sweaters, socks, pants.

4. Sand, Salt Water, Chlorine....need I say more?

5. Flip flops or flop shoes as Bella likes to say.

6. You can drink your lunch or dinner, or both if you get carried away. (think, mojitos, pantie pull downs)

7. I can sleep in and or take a nap.

8. We get to hang out with all our Florida friends, and Indiana friends who we only hang out with in Florida. (Can't wait Everetts, Boyers, Mosses)

9. Max & Louise. They are my favorite couple. Both are well into their 80's. They have been known to drink their lunches. They never remember me until they see my kids. (that may be because we are loud and very albino like) . This is also really funny because I have been seeing them every year since 1997.

10. Leaving Indiana and returning to green grass, spring flowers and warmer weather, it makes the final weeks of spring better!

Any of you have major vacation plans? I love to hear about what you or your family do or are going to be doing.

Bay Harbor watch out the Sponseller's are heading to town!
T - 8 days and counting :)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

And your point is what exactly????

Do you realize that in a 24 hour period I can easily change 10 diapers! Today could be a record breaker,but not because of the baby. My oldest is home sick with the flu. The school nurse called yesterday and made her come home because she had a fever. Later that day she sneezed and crapped her pants! Oh the joys of motherhood!! People I went to college! I may have been on the 5 year plan, but I like to think that's due to all the additional degrees I got. Shoot, I even graduated and have a teaching degree. Or should I make that had a teaching degree. Now don't go thinking the worst of me. It is not like the police came and took it away. I just decided to let the dang thing expire. I guess you can say I turned that BS into some practical BS (no pun intended)!

It's Friday. I am usually a tennis playing mommy on Fridays, but the indoor season is officially over! Yippee...this season was well it was just to long. I am going to take some time off. Crazy isn't? I live in a state where you can only play outdoor tennis for 4-5 months and yet the 6 months I play I do so indoors. The worst part of that is I spend an absurd amount of money to play. This makes absolutely NO sense to that hubby of mine. He can't figure out why I have to spend so much money playing a game indoors that it is really meant to be played outside for free. But what really gets him, is the fact that when I can play it outdoors I don't. Silly, silly man, after 11 years he still hasn't learned exactly what the "Real Housewives of Elkhart County" do on a daily bases. Maybe BRAVO network should come here for the next season!

A few days ago I blogged about this funny lady Dana. You may remember her as the (gasp) sex toy tester! Anywho, she left me a comment because I left a comment on her blog. (I guess she really does try to respond to her followers.) Now just for the record, I worked long and hard on that comment. OK, not really, but she wrote me back to let me know she was including my comment in a section of her Friday blog for funny comments. I'm not gonna lie, but this is way to exciting. A real live and I mean live in the literal sense (since she is finally off her death bed) funny person thinks my comment was funny!!!

All of a sudden I am feeling writers block. Well maybe not exactly writers block, but I am having a slight bit of anxiety to put out a really special blog today. I don't want her people coming to check out Cambridge Drive and not finding it worthy. They might be thinking Indiana? They do funny? I thought all they did was corn?

Do they make a pill for anxiety? Surely they do? I need a pill! No make that a drink! It 's gotta be 5'o'clock somewhere? Right? No maybe I need a cookie? Ummmm....chocolate? Ahhhh....maybe I just need to get a life? Oh damn there I go again...rambling on about something when I am suppose to be blogging about *tap*tap*tap* what is again that I am blogging about today?

Oh geezers I guess you'll just have to come back to find out!

And don't forget, there is more than corn in Indiana....

My disclaimer...

So I've been thinking many of you might read this blog because you found me from someone else's blog so therefore don't me from Adam. Others maybe long time friends who have known me from conception. Today as I was scrolling through some of the blogs I read I had a "light bulb" moment!

One of my favorite "older" blogger just rated (GASP) sex toys! Check Dana out here: http://danajoywyzard.blogspot.com/ (I found her randomly while reading: http://nikkicrumpet.blogspot.com/ Honestly I find this Dana so funny/wrong on many levels. Come on, you must admit that someone her age raking sex toys is funny. Who has the nerve to actually talk about that on a blog? She is a riot. I enjoy a good daily dose of laughter from her. Plus she makes me blush. And that is saying something.

Her blog got me thinking...and no not that I should be ranking my own sex toys, I mean that would lead one to think I have a closet full of them and just ask my friends, they would tell you I would have to be in an alcohol state comma to even discuss those types of toys let alone topics. What was my original point again? Oh yes, I started thinking, well since many of you may not know me, you may not quite understand my sense of humor. So here is my disclaimer: I find obnoxious, over the top things extremely funny. It is pretty hard to offend me. The more "F" bombs dropped usually make me giggle more.

I guess we all have a different types of humor and we all have a different sense of what we find funny. I tend to find inappropriate things very, very funny. Sad but true. And I am 100% proud of this. I am also the person who you will see laughing at a funeral. Not because I am incentive, (well maybe a little) but well, because laughter is probably my coping mechanism. I am the person who tends to say what everyone is thinking but to scared to say. This is due to the fact that frankly I don't give a rats ass what people think.

Anyway, back to my original point of today's entry...As I was scrolling by these favorite blogs this morning I discovered many of my church friends might be shocked to read them. Let me point out the obvious, I really am a good catholic girl, make that an Italian Catholic! But all catholic girls like to wear short skirts and knee high socks ever once in a while. Just ask well, never mind [Randy] :) Don't get the wrong idea here, GUILT really is my middle name.

So after reading these funny peoples blogs I decide I don't want people getting the wrong idea about me, so I thought the polite thing to do would be to put this apology/disclaimer out for all to see: take those blog as they are, funny...Read it or don't read it, it really is no skin of my back. I enjoy sarcasm, maybe you don't. It's all good. This is why I love the blog world. There are all types of us. Each and everyone of us has something to say. Some take a graceful approach, others push the limits. I enjoy a good laugh how ever appropriate or inappropriate it is.

So how about you? Are you the type to take offense to over the top humor? or Do you find anything fun? I would love to hear your point of view. Even if I disagree with it. That's what makes life so damn funny.

Now go read so more guilty pleasures, come on, you know you want to!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just the facts...

So, where has my time gone? As things start to thaw out here in the Midwest my family and I have been out and about enjoying the start of spring. Well some of have...I am sure some of you have been wondering if the flash flood warnings have floated us away. It hasn't been the rising of the river that has kept me from blogging, no, no no, it is something 100X's worse...the FLU!!! Yes just when you think we have had about every type of antibiotic available on the market this winter, a new illness found it's way to Cambridge Drive, and this time around it is viral...the worse kind of bug out there! Bada Bing Bada Boo...Poor poor Gia :(

Just the facts...cause I know deep down you really want to know, but are to scared to ask:

1. It is possible to have diarrhea for more than 3 days in a row. (6 if your keeping track)

2. You can have the flu and still want to eat. I guess babies just don't understand the concept of cause and effect yet.

3. Apparently you can be sick for days with no fever and yet be in a happy mood 80% of the day.

4. You can easily use 20 diapers in a 24hr period. (I am sure the trash guy is going to love us come Wednesday)

5. How can something so cute and lovable smell so horrible?

6. Thank God almighty that baby #1, & baby #2 didn't get it. ( ya hear that sound?...it was me knocking on wood)

7. Why is that the husband always ends up with it? And somehow it is always 200X's worse (or so they say)then the actually baby that did have it?

8. The makers of Lysol and antibacterial gel are heroes in my book.

9. Spring air is a lovely way to air out a stinky house!

All is well now and hopefully I can get back to my full time job of blogging and playing mafia wars on facebook! :)

As a side note...don't feel to bad for me, I did still find the time this weekend to fit in some really fun times with some really good people. Ahhh the joy's of a fruity drink with a great group of friends! Life is Good!!!

Ya all come back now,

Saturday, March 7, 2009

40 days of Lent

My neighbor wrote a post a few days ago about what Lent meant to her and why she observes it. At the end she wrote a question asking others what it meant to them. I enjoyed her post and the whole idea about asking what others are doing. I am going to copy my response here for you all to read. I too, like her would love some feedback. So please speak up. What if anything are you doing during these 40 days of Lent? And why do or don't you give up anything?

My response to 4HawkeyeFans....
Leah- I love your entry so much that I felt compelled to answer your question at the end. I am a Catholic who is almost 35yrs old which means I have observed Lent pretty much my whole life. As a child it wasn't really an option, we were just always told it is Lent what are you giving up. As an adult with children of my own, I must say I kind of enjoy it. For me Lent is all about making a sacrifice and giving up something that I really enjoy. I like the daily on going challenge that I have with my mind each and everyday to not give into temptation. This year I have given up coffee. In the past I have always given up drinking Pop, however this winter I discovered I was consuming way to much coffee. So this time around coffee seemed to feel like it would be a bigger sacrifice. As an added challenge I have left the coffee maker in the same spot on the counter, so it can eye me down each morning. It is a daily struggle. I swear that machine has eye that follow me around begging to be turned on so it can purr. That being said, how could you ask for a better daily reminder that Jesus died just for me? I don't think you can. I must also add that as a kid I dislike going to church during Lent. It was always so dark and depressing. Now it is something that I enjoy. I find singing the Kyria in Latin calming. The traditions that the Catholic Church observe and I follow help make spring my favorite season. To me spring represents not only the warming of the Earth, but the re-birth of Christ and that is what it is truly all about.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Kick Gabby Kick

Contain your excitement racing fans....They have arrived....yes the moment you have all been waiting for...(drum roll please)....Gabby's Swim Meet! (clap, clap ,clap, whoooo)

Below is a video my mom took of Gabby swimming the 100 Free. She did great the 1st 50yds but started to fall behind the 2nd 50yds. She is in lane #9.


Now if someone could explain to me a better way to group these pictures all together I would be so grateful. I could also use help in the video department too. There must be an easier way to post videos.

Heart Smart Invite...A 3 day swimming event. This meet was @ Concord High School and was the last meet of the Short Coarse Season. We are sad to be done, but looking forward to a little free time.

Gabby and her 11 ribbons. Not to shabby for a 1st year swimmer with asthma.

Swimming the 25 yd Backstroke, which ended up being a personal record. She is in the lane with the "T". She did not win this heat, but ended up with a first place ribbon in the 7 and under category for this event due to the fact that she was racing in the heat with 8 year olds.

Hard to read this one, but her last name in lights after the 100 yd Free.

Since HeartSmart is a home meet, Jared and I got to be timers. This was an awesome experience because we were down close in the action. Gabby swam in our lane once and was in the lane beside us several times through out the day. This is the race she had just finished in our lane. This is one happy swimmer.

Come back again, and look around...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feed Me

I swear I really am going to get Gabby's Heart Smart Swimming Meet posted, but my life tends to run at a pace of 100 mph, and frankly I am to tired to figure out how to transfer my pictures from my iPhone to the blog.

To iterate that fact of my busy life here is a quick Cooper Dog story. Today is technically Wednesday, even thought I haven't gone to bed for Tuesday yet and we have been out of dog food since Sunday. Now don't go thinking he hasn't gotten anything, lets not call PETA just yet, but I haven't had time to run to Sam's Club to buy his 50lb bag of Rice and Lamb. I know it sounds like an easy task, but honestly with 3 kids nothing is really easy. When the baby falls asleep in the car,it is really not worth waking her to go into a store for 1 item when it is only 20degrees outside. So the poor dog has been feasting on pig ears and dry bones. Not quite the same as 4 cups of food, but it is food non the less. As a matter of fact, I think the amount of scraps Gia gives him he could survive for a few days. Anyway, will just pretend he was fasting for doggy lent. Hey if I can fast so can he! He will be one happy pooch come morning because I went to Mejier at 10 pm tonight after a long PTO meeting to buy a small 5lb bag. It should last him a oh I would say a good 3 days! :) For those of you lacking a Sam's Card here is the proof: One 5lb bag of dog food @ Meijer $12. One 50lb bag of dog food @ Sam's $19. Now folks that is crazy. This could be the only time it is beneficial to have a 95lb Lab who eats like a horse!

Come back soon I pinkie swear there will be photos!!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Must see TV...

I love good TV, but lately I barely have time to watch even my favorite shows. Sunday is the one night that I make the time. I love my Sunday evening line up. Usually it starts with Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters and Big Love. It is great. Tonight the line up was changed some. Brothers & Sisters had a 2 hour movie...I was glued to the TV. UNBELIEVABLE...I thought TV was supposed to relax and unwind you? Not so much tonight. I am still to wired up to even think about bed and the show ended 2hours ago.

When B&S ended I immediately turned to HBO to check on Big Love. I am devastated that there are only 3 episodes remaining until the season ends. This sucks it will be 18months until they come out with more. It is starting to get so good.

As my unwinding show I watched some reruns of Sex & the City. It left me with a smile and a great reminder that I would someday like to own the entire series on DVD. It really was a good show.

All and all my TV was sweet tonight, to bad I left the house a mess, clean up will be much hard come morning!

On a side note...Tampa was a much needed R&R! Coming home has been to say the least rough and a frankly a little crazy. Today is March 1st!!!! WOW spring is at my finger tips. March, it just sounds so much better than February. The days are getting longer and the grass really wants to become greener. I love Spring!

My spring break count down can officially begin now due to the fact that it is March. So if we want to be technically I am T minus 29 days and counting. Just typing it puts a huge smile on my tired face. WOOOOHOOO 29 days!!!!!

For all you religious readers out there (& I am not speaking church goers, I am saying faithful readers to my blog) I swear within the next 2-3 days I am going to post and blog about Miss Gabby and her last swim meet. It was a wonderful way to end the swim season today. I am going to devote an entire blog to pictures and stories. So for a front row view come back real soon.