Saturday, January 31, 2009

Getting to know me

So I am a Facebook member, or what some like to call a Facebook addict. Either way you look at it, I enjoy Facebook. There is this thing going on right now called 25 Random Things about ______. Your friends tag you in a note and you are then suppose to write about yourself in a note and tag people. It is so much fun that I have now written 2 list of 25 Random Things. I am not sure what is more fun reading what people think about themselves, or writing about myself. It has been a great way to learn more about my friends, or see how well I really know them. Since I have enjoyed this so much on Facebook, I have decided to do it on my blog. If you are reading this and would like to read my first two lists, then request me as your friend on Facebook and then look on my wall under notes.

Now remember the rules, there aren't any. This is all random, but keep in mind I already have written 50 things on Facebook, so some of these are not that deep. Non the less, it is still a great way to learn more about me.
  1. It took me 5 years to graduate from College.
  2. I am going to be the President of the PTO at my daughters school next year.
  3. I love motivational quotes.
  4. I have lost a tennis match to a 70 year old grandma.
  5. I would love to be on the Biggest Loser and have Jillian be my trainer.
  6. If I had more siblings I would want them to be just like the "Walker Crew" on TV.
  7. I have been to Florida every Spring Break since 1986. Give or take a few side trips to Mexico.
  8. I think Pat Summitt is the greatest coach in the world. Go Lady Vols!
  9. I use to coach my daughters 1st grade teacher in tennis when she was in high school.
  10. I miss my friend Kay. She died almost 5 years ago. She was my teachers aide at SVS. I think about her all the time and wonder what kind of advice she would be giving me on life. I know she would love reading this blog.
  11. I miss teaching and coaching, but I don't miss the parents, and the paperwork.
  12. I hate that my daughter has asthma/allergies and I can't make her feel better.
  13. I use to hate coffee, but now hardly a day goes by without me drinking 2 or 3 cups.
  14. I am planning on saving my money up to have a little plastic surgery in a few year. Those of you who know me, even know what type.
  15. I have had 3 children and never found out the sex ahead of time. Just for the record I always knew they were girls, so much so we never really picked out boy names.
  16. I think the way the government is handling all these bailouts is ridiculous! Give the $ out to us instead of these companies. I would love to spend spend spend and give it right back to the government.
  17. If I had an end list supply of $, I would get a weekly massage and a monthly pedicure.
  18. I dated my husband for 5 years before we got married. I use to cut out pictures of diamond rings I liked, and gave them to him in weekly love letters.
  19. I never had a dog/pet growing up.
  20. I tend to think the glass is half empty.
  21. I like to drink wine, but after having children it seems to make my face swell. So now my drink of choice is "Pantie Pull Downs. It's a Cambridge Drive favorite. Frozen Lemonade, Raspberry Vodka, Beer & Sprite. Mummmm soooooo good.
  22. I hate cats!
  23. I have never broken any bones. (Knock on Wood).
  24. I hate being late.
  25. I love caller id on the phone.

To blog or not that is the question.

OK- So I have done it, I am a blogger. At least that is what the computer says. This truly is amazing considering that my worst grades in school were always in English. It may be my language of choice, but me and the written part of it do not get along to well. Sure I love to talk, but spelling and grammar and run on sentences are by far not my strengths. Oh if my teachers could see me now. Oh wait they can if they want to.

Well I guess to get this party off and running, my first few comments are going to be about the rules to this site. My intention of doing this blog was to get my thoughts out and down and maybe try to write a book. I have some darn good stories that I think should be shared. Unfortunately the rules under the terms of service are pretty clear about that. So I guess the world is going to have to wait for those Chet stories. That is my former dog Chester. Named after non other then Manchester College.

This really stinks. It really does, The world must hear about this dog. I guess for the time being I will practice my writing skills on the present and future and not ruin my chances of early retirement.
As I tell my kids, "you get what you get and you don't through a fit." So even though I wanted to write about my past, I guess I will have to settle for Cooper stories. Cooper is my current dog. He is named after no one in particular since we got him when he was around 4 years old. Fortunately for you readers, he is doing something on a daily bases that usually grants me the rights to call him something highly inappropriate. For the future this should be some great material.

I am really looking forward to this. I hope this is a way for me to comment on my day while allowing me to have the freedom to always have the final say on a topic of my choice. (More to come on that)

Come back soon....